What is Radio Advertising?

radio advertising

Communication is like a body without soul. Similarly, without advertisement we cannot originate the brand. Advertising works as a fuel to the brand that drives customer attention and generates the new customer.

Radio advertising is the most powerful medium nowadays. Radio advertising offers you the best opportunity to deliver a simple message to the public at large that may be interested in your product. Radio is the only platform that works in subconscious mind while travelling, walking-jogging, work place etc. Radio has a power of sound that works straighten in your brain. Every common person whispers few tunes and songs without giving attention and murmurs same whole day. This is how the power of sound works in our daily life routine. Many of us are aware of these bigger brands and their signature tune:

  • Vodafone (you and I in this beautiful world)
  • Ponds (Gugli mugli mush)
  • Indian Premier League (Signature Tune)
  • Britannia (tin tintitin)
  • Amul (The taste of India)
  • Nerolac (Jab ghar ki raunak badhani ho)
These were the tactics used in the commercials to captivate the mind of customers. These brands do have visuals component however, they act upon jingles to captivate the mind for recalling purpose. There is a research behind of mind that once our brain captivates one thing we keep following it in our mind. The best example I can quote here is “Music”. Effortlessly, we mumbled the songs subconsciously while working, driving, and thinking, cooking and so on. This is called power of sound and this is how radio advertising works.

Pick your ads?

Jingles: Radio advertising is flexible and pocket friendly. Radio ads require a high repetition. A minimum run of at least 15-20 repetition on one station during a two weeks period are recommended. Repeat the same circle every month for brand recalling. This way, you will reach to your target audience often enough to create an awareness and step into your shop to purchase when requires.

Radio advertising is not restricted to jingles of few seconds created. You can pick various beautiful options listed below.

Show Sponsorships: Every radio has their own RJ’s to entertain the listeners, gives relevant information, plays quiz, plays your favorite songs on demand, handled all the queries you raised , crack jokes to spread laughter. Every show has a target listeners like youth, oldies and women to attract the more listeners.

In one radio station they have 2 or more RJ’s with multiple shows to attract the targeted listeners.

How show sponsorship works as advertising?

  1. RJ’s will endorse your brand and gives you the special attention for brand recalling.
  2. Helps you to reach target audience
  3. Avoids clutter ads
  4. Dedicates you special mentions during the opening and closing show.
  5. Main Rj Garry le k aa gaya hu apna show “ Teri MERI Baatien” and this show is brought to you by COCA COLA.

Song Tags: Nowadays the concept of carrying CD’s and pen drives has been nowhere to be found. People tend to prefer listen songs on radio and updated themselves with new music launches in the market.

Songs Tag as advertising?

  1. Ear-Catchy
  2. Brand mentions after opening and closing song. (This song is brought to you by Coca cola)
  3. Double exposure
  4. Less ad ignorance

RJ Mentions:RJ Mentions and Show sponsorship are two different poles. RJ’s will also endorse your brand but you can opt all the RJ’s of different shows where as show sponsorship will give you the entire show dedicatedly. RJ will announce your brand with special dedication and aware all the features of your brand and will recommend the listeners to choose it by enlightening all the advantages. Less chance to ignore these type of advertisement and aware your brand name to the public at large.

By concluding all the elements radio is cheaper to advertise and more options to rebuild the brand in the mind of buyers. Supportively, it is crucial to advertise the brand frequently to bang the competitor. If branding is consistent and easy to recognize, it can help people feel more at ease purchasing your products and services.

WE all are aware of this English phrase “What people see it is what sells”.